To find out why full color vehicle wraps from Banners & BIG Prints are the best “bang-for-your-buck” advertising available, let’s take a quick look at the top 3 reasons other businesses have already chosen Banners & BIG Prints to help them utilize fleet advertising.

1. Lots of attention: Your vehicle is constantly moving within your sales/service area. A vehicle wrap will likely make more impressions in a single day while traveling around town than advertisements like billboards and magazine ads that are confined to one space. Print and internet ads are easy to ignore. Radio and television channels can be changed. But it is far more difficult to ignore an advertisement that has been placed directly in front of you during your morning commute. As cities like South Lake Tahoe, Sacramento, Davis, Fairfield, and the entire Napa Valley, continue to grow and expand, more cars will fill the roads and freeways. Take advantage of this fact by using vibrant mobile advertising that tells thousands of potential customers who you are and what you can do for them! Banners & BIG Prints can design, print, and install a lasting vehicle wrap that will send your company logo and message everywhere your fleet goes.

2. Cost Effective: Vehicle wraps are the best expense of a tight advertising budget because they expand your visibility to more potential customers for less cost. Whether parked or in motion, a Banners & Big Prints vehicle wrap will generate between several hundred and thousands of impressions each day. And since all Banners & BIG Prints vehicle wraps are treated with a protective UV clear coat prior to installation, each one is guaranteed to be vibrant for up to seven years! No other form of advertising can come close to providing on-going visibility that will last almost a decade.
3. Highest Quality: An IndyCar accelerates from 0 to 60 miles per hour in three seconds and races at speeds well above 200 miles per hour— much faster than most people will ever drive. Banners and BIG Prints uses the same vinyl base on all vehicle wraps that is used on Indy 500 race cars. Why? Because we feel strongly that vibrant, great-looking vehicle wraps should be durable and long-lasting. A cheap vehicle wrap that can’t withstand the rigors of everyday driving ends up costing more “per month” than one that retains it’s lustre for many, many years. The best part is that Banners and BIG Prints often has similar prices to competitors who “cut corners” to shave costs.

price tag redVehicle Wrap Prices and Category Descriptions

The following table is provided to give you “ballpark estimates” to plan your budget while shopping for a vehicle wrap. Several factors will determine the final job cost.  There are several ways to “shave cost,” but be sure to do some homework so you know why an economy-priced vehicle wrap costs less.  Multiple-vehicle discounts are available for fleet owners.   And will gladly match any competitors price, “apples-to-apples.”

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