upload art filesIf you will be providing your own artwork for print, then please use this form to submit print-ready files, along with any special instructions. File preparation and custom design services are available by calling the 888 number at the top of the screen. Please note:

  • EPS files are best for high resolution output at “big print” sizes
  • Only JPEG, EPS, AI, PDF and PSD files are accepted
  • When submitting files created in Adobe, save them as version CS2 (or lower)
  • There is a 20MB limit for file uploads
  • Submit one form for each desired print
  • Specify “Standard” print quality for increased detail, and “Best” print quality for photo-realism (both are more expensive than “Economy” prints)
  • To ensure the printed job matches the artwork submitted, have a designer embed all fonts or convert them to “outlines”
  • When colors need to be matched closely, use our Illustrator Swatch Palette