Speedy Janitorial Equipment Repair fixes the equipment that helps make your favorite retail stores— in and around the Sacramento area— better places to shop. And when SJ Repair wanted to make their business stand out, they chose a full color vehicle wrap from Banners and Big Prints.

It started with their business card…
When we met with SJ Repair, owners Jared and Ana expressed a strong liking for their existing business image, as it appeared on their business cards: the color red paired with a gray wrench.

SJ Repair Business Card

Speedy Janitorial Repair's Business Card

So we took that image and transformed it into a design draft that displayed vibrant colors and dynamic placements of the key design elements— the name, logo, phone numbers and web address— on the vehicles. After some minor adjustments made via email and telephone, the two owners gave the green light and scheduled time to bring the first van in.

Looking Better Than the Competition
Jared and Ana have clearly outpaced their competition on the road. The red streaks that swoop around their company vans make them appear to be in motion even while they are parked. And their business name and contact number are sure to be seen hundreds, of times each day as they conduct their business from San Francisco, to Reno and everywhere in between.