A full color trailer wrap is what the California Department of Fish and Game is using to attract top new law-enforcement talent.  And Banners and Big Prints was chosen to execute their internally-chosen design— from layout, to print, to installation.  Their fully-wrapped recruitment trailer will be traveling to locations and events throughout California.  It's clean design is sure to communicate professionalism, and deliver their recruitment message to countless people for many years to come.

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The California State Department of Fish and Game protects wildlife throughout California and enforces hunting and fishing laws.  Since the state is so vast, their job is a difficult one that requires a steady flow of Game Wardens.  But their challenge is one common to most businesses: How do we get get more visibility to attract partners and customers?  Trailer wraps are a great way to turn a work asset into a mobile billboard.  And because of the mostly-flat surfaces, installation costs for trailer wraps are typically cheaper than standard vehicle wrap installation.