Walnut shellIn a Nutshell…

There are a few things that make us “unique”.  Here they are:

  • We are a “web-based” business; meaning we intentionally avoid overhead that inflates the cost of our product.
  • We love customer service.  There are lots of places to go on the web where you can peruse the goodies, submit your credit-card number, and wait for the package to arrive.  That’s not quite us.  We do have “quick-buy” options in our shop, but we’d rather take a moment to get your artwork perfect and send you a draft you love before printing.  We want you to be amazed with what you get.
  • And speaking of amazing, our designers are excellent.  No “clip art” here.  Better design makes better signs.  And we’re pretty sure we can help your project stand out in a very good way.
  • Finally, we enjoy what we do.  We’d do this work for free if we could.  That means we don’t mind chatting on the phone about what you need, offering some ideas about how to go about your project, and often times sending a mock-up or draft to show you how awesome it’s going to look free of charge.  We understand that you’d do it all yourself if you could, but we want to be your next best option.

Links to More Specific Info

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