Big prints” are everywhere. Businesses with an appetite for attention use them to transform cars, trains, and even airplanes into marketing marvels and works of art. And now look who has joined the party. Mountain Dew’s new Green Label Art campaign has earned them plenty of “buzz” in stores (and online) thanks to a new aluminum bottle wrapped from top to bottom in impossible-to-ignore artwork. Several designers, illustrators, and other creatives from around the world have seen their contributions shock shoppers who may have been expecting polite green cans and translucent bottles.


Mountain Dew bottle design by New York's Claw Money

I first noticed the stylized bottles today at a local liquor store where I went to buy something caffeinated to carry me through the post-lunch work hour. The decision process went something like this: strolling, looking, strolling, look… what the hell is that? Mountain Dew?? I’ll take it!

While all the other beverages wore their appropriately sized labels, Mountain Dew went big— using every available inch of their new bottle to say “look at me.” The moral of this shopping-story: if your product or business needs to be noticed in a sea of products or businesses, then go BIG! We can definitely help, of course. Have a look around our website or send us an email!