Our most popular print processes and materials are appearing on professional sports teams with increased frequency.  Nike, Adidas, and Reebok are just a few brands utilizing digital print to "wow" sports fans with innovative looking sportswear.  So for those of our customers who want a modern look, at an affordable price, with durable materials, we are quick to recommend digital printing— fusion imprints and vapor dyes.  And we thought it might be helpful to explain why pro sports teams around the country are choosing these techniques.  

One – Digitally Printed Jerseys Look Best

an Oregon Ducks football jersey with reflective numbers

Not long ago the Oregon Ducks debuted a Nike-designed football jersey that utilized metallic numbers in custom tints.  While this can be accomplished a few ways, Digital printing on top of the heat-applied, metallic fusion-numbers allows for unparalleled color-matching and production speed.  

Boise State followed suit with a reflective fusion-logo that accented their football game jersey. And while teams everywhere scrambled to figure out "How'd they do that?", our customers already knew that digital fusion printing allows for the most progressive looking sportswear.  In fact, our fusion-material is identical to those found on several pro sports team wear, including the NBA shooting shirt pictured at the top of this article.

We stock a range of tested and trusted, game-ready materials to help your squad look great during the game and throughout rigorous practice sessions or casual training.  And since "set-up" costs are low, we can produce low quantities at surprisingly affordable prices.  Which brings us to our second point:

Two – Digitally Printed Sportswear is Affordable

a runner wearing a digitally printed and sublimated jersey in the Boston Marathon

As with most things, complexity (or additional detail) adds cost.  When buying standard one color printing on solid colored jerseys, it may not be apparent that digital print gives more "bang for the buck".  But if you are looking to have a jersey with blending colors and photographic textures, the quick set-up and production speed of fusion and vapor printing will be the most cost-effective option when compared to many alternatives.

Looking for one jersey?  Or half-a-dozen?  Maybe you are a runner on a "team of one" and you'd like to wear a performance, polyester sports garment printed with sponsor information and custom text.  No problem.  Digital printing was made for small, custom orders.  We use our knowledge and expertise to pair fusion-applied materials to sublimated shirts so that "dye-migration" won't cause colors to run and blend unpredictably.  

Three – Digitally Printed Athletic Apparel is Proven to be Durable

Fusion and vapor printed jerseys, shirts, pants, and shorts have been tested in some of the hardest hitting, fastest paced games and competitions.  And professional sports leagues, college level teams, and countless organizations across the USA are not wrong: digitally printed sportswear has a durability and quality that make it a top choice for prime time.  

We know that every athletic garment we sell will be subjected to more sweat, stress, and wash cycles than average, daily attire.  So we have a network of the nations best manufacturers that supply our stitched garments and raw materials.  This means you can relax on game day, knowing you will look better than the competition throughout the season.

Call us for Quotes and Guidance on Your Custom Team Sportswear

There are many ways to print professional-looking sportswear and athletic gear.  "Screen printing" has been used for eons to customize jerseys.  And embroidered "twill" player names and numbers are also a tradition.  Both of these techniques provide a professional look and can withstand rough game play.  But the digital print processes discussed above have emerged to provide comparable quality with incredible esthetic options at prices that cannot be matched by other techniques.  We would love to provide advice and guidance if you have an upcoming project.  Call or contact us any time.