Many customers have asked us what see-through window graphics look like from inside a vehicle.  We thought it might be easier to show you.  While the camera lens "focused" on the graphic, rather than the scene outside the window, this image gives a fairly accurate representation.  The picture shows our most commonly used window graphics— "micro perforated"— from an "inside" and an "outside" perspective.  This material is also used on commercial building windows, with a similar outcome.

Much like a tinted window, the window graphics block a fair amount of sunlight from entering the vehicle.  This keeps the interior cool in the summer sun.  Unlike all but the darkest window tinting, viewers from outside the vehicle cannot see through the window graphics into the vehicle.  Also, an "optically clear" laminate protects the printed image without much interference.  Despite manufacturer claims that the laminate cannot be seen, we think that even a second sheet of clear glass would produce a noticeable effect.  So expect a slight difference in the overall translucence.

Give us a call or send an email if you have any questions, or an upcoming window-graphic project.  We'd be happy to advise on proper materials, and happier still to supply your need.