Decal application fluid in spray bottles

Here’s a secret that the pros know: “application fluid” is the only way to apply decals, every time, without air bubbles.  So we are very happy to offer our boat decal customers a free 4oz. bottle of our Decal Positioning Fluid to help with perfect applications.  Simply follow the instructions on the label to apply your new decals exactly where you want them, without wrinkles or bubbles.

Decal “Wet-Apply” Installation Instructions

  1. Clean the surface where the decal will be applied.
  2. Spray a liberal amount of our Decal Positioning Fluid on the cleaned Surface.  Gently peel the decal from its backing and spray the Positioning Fluid on the adhesive backing.  (Yes, it is OK… the fluid won’t damage the adhesive!)
  3. Stick the decal onto the wet surface.  If you need to move it, gently peel and re-position.
  4. Flatten the decal by using a credit card to “squeegee” the sticker flat, gently pushing the liquid bubbles to the edges.
  5. Wait 24 hours for the decal to fully adhere to the clean surface.

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