[box color=”yellow” icon=”info”]Pricing table updated on April 20th, 2014.  Now you can purchase any quantity you desire!  Give us a call at the 888 number at the top of the screen, or if you are comfortable uploading your own artwork buy small quantities (up to 250) immediately from our online shop.  We are happy to help. [/box]

It isn’t often that a new kind of signage or advertising becomes so popular, so quickly.  But if you scan the stands at the next major sporting event you attend, you are likely to see more than a few fans cheering, with one of our roll-up banners in their hands.

Here are answers to the most popular questions:

64px-questionHow do I place a small order?:

Orders of less than 250 pieces are available in our online store.  Buy blank banners here.  If you’d like to type a message and have black letters printed on a white banner, you can do that here.  Or, if you’d like to download a design template, create your banner on your computer, then upload that design to be printed on a banner, you may do that here.

How do I place a large order?:

Complete the form at the bottom of this page to start the process.  Or, give us a call at the number at the top of the screen.

How big are they?  Can I order them larger or smaller?:

Our banners come in one size to fit the plastic handles at either end (9.5 inches tall by 27 inches wide).  Currently, no other sizes are available.

How do they roll up?  Do they have special handles?:

The magic is in the banner material.  It is made by heating a thin layer of stretched plastic, then binding it to a second, un-stretched, layer.  When the heated layer cools, it rolls up!

Can I buy the handles or material, separately?:

We only sell finished banners— either blank, or printed.

price tag redPricing:
Add the number of printed colors and match it with the quantity desired to calculate cost.  (White is a “free” color and should not be considered for pricing purposes.)  A banner with a 2 color frontside-print and a 1 color backside-print = 3 colors.  Count 1 color printed on the front and the back as “2-colors”.  For full-color, photographic printing on one side, use the “4-color” pricing.  Presently, 250 banners is the lowest “bulk quantity” offered.

We do not charge extra for “artwork” or “setup” fees; the prices below include everything except shipping.  They are subject to change without notice.  Suction cups can be added for $0.10 per piece, and will increase shipping cost (by reducing the number of banners we are able to fit in each box).
[table id=3 /]

Note: Orders of more than 10,000 pieces are given special pricing consideration.  Please call the number at the top of the screen for a quote.

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