Businesses with a physical location need to win the attention of nearby traffic.  While we offer many products to suit your strategy, our approach to outdoor print marketing is the same: make it big, make it bright, and make it last.  We are proud to offer the best products available at highly competitive prices.  This page is a summary of our Outdoor Print categories:


Outdoor banners for buildings, light poles, construction sites and more

Banners can be printed on mesh, solid vinyl, or durable plastic-paper.  And they are displayed outdoors with poles, bungees, or specialized mounts.

Banners have fast become the standard outdoor ad tool for businesses of all sizes.  They are both low cost and highly effective at transmitting marketing messages.  We offer several banner options:

Standard vinyl banners: For general purpose use, this is by far our most popular banner option.  Printed in full-color, these banners are finished with grommeting and ready to be hung.

Mesh site-banners: These banners are popular for covering very large surface areas outdoors.  Commonly used to beautify the perimeters of construction sites, their tiny holes keep the wind from straining fences or posts that they are affixed to.  This property also makes them perfect for adorning buildings.

Light-pole banners: Great for accenting shopping districts and main city streets, pole banners add style and color to an otherwise bland architectural feature.  We offer discounts for bulk purchase packages.


Retractable hand-held fan bannersImagine a sign that fits in a purse or backpack, weighs less than a magazine, and instantly opens with two plastic handles to display your custom message over two feet wide.  That’s our hand-held fan banner, in a nutshell.

Available in one size: Fan banners are 9.5 inches tall by 27″ wide.  We sell from just one, to thousands at a time, printed with your custom message and image(s).  We are happy to assist with artwork creation and pre-print setup.


Outdoor flags and flag-bannersThe primary difference between flags and banners is the material that is being printed on.  Flags are printed on high-quality textiles to be lighter and flow in the wind.

The constant motion of flags in the breeze attracts attention to your image or message.  We have two categories of flag products:

Traditional flags: Rectangular in shape, traditional flags are stitched and grommeted to be hung on a standard flag pole or flush against a wall.  Sizes range, but typically standard flags are 3′ by 4′.

Flag banners: While still relatively new, flag banners are fast becoming popular marketing tools for businesses near heavy traffic.  Standing tall on custom pole-mounts— there are three heights to choose from— flag-banners are made to sway and flap in the wind to draw attention to your business.  Each one comes standard with an appropriate pole and mount.


Full-color window graphicsWindow graphics are adhesive-backed prints on thin sheets of vinyl made to cover glass surfaces and weather the elements.  While they can also be installed inside the glass, installing them outside reduces glare and greatly increases visibility at a distance.

They are a great way to utilize your store front to deliver big, bold messages to potential customers.  We have several options:

Opaque window graphics: This option places your graphic on an opaque sheet of vinyl prior to being installed on a window.  This is a great way to block harsh sunlight while advertising.  It is also a popular option for businesses that have unsightly shelves or racks placed with their backside toward an exterior window.

Translucent window graphics: When you desire to allow visibility from inside the building or store, translucent window graphics are an excellent choice.  They still allow those outside to see the printed graphic.  But filtered light comes inside and occupants can see out.

Frosted / colored window effects: Upscale businesses like salons, spas, and hotels often need subtle window or glass-door accents without overtly drawing attention.  We stock special vinyls for these jobs.  Frosted window lettering is perfect for large glass doors that might be accidentally walked into if left unadorned.  And colored window coverings are great for filtering a portion of the light spectrum to set a mood.

Window lettering: Simple as it sounds, window lettering uses printed or solid colored graphics to display the business name, phone number, address, or business hours to customers outside the shop.  Great graphic design is key to make sure the lettering can be read quickly by passing drivers, and is interesting enough to lure foot traffic.


Decorated awnings and canopiesAwnings differ from canopies in that they are affixed directly to a building or permanent structure.  Canopies are typically affixed to free-standing pole structures.  Either one can be made of canvas or very durable outdoor vinyl.   And they are printed using the most appropriate technique for the intended application.  The most popular methods are direct-printing to the material, printing to a fade-resistant material and applying with heat and pressure, or printing to a PVC-based vinyl with a high-tack adhesive backing.

Full-color decorated awnings: Awnings that shade building-front windows and entry-ways create welcoming facades.  We can refresh old, faded awnings with new graphics or provide them for new installations.

Full-color canopies: Canopies are a popular form of advertising at car lots.  They provide shade outdoors and can be printed with photographic detail to display any marketing message or logo.

Awning / canopy lettering: For business districts, awning and canopy lettering are more about blending in and providing a way-finding service to foot traffic than standing out with bold graphics.  We can remove and replace old, sun-worn lettering and refresh the look of your plaza’s awning lettering; or provide vibrant, new awnings with clear,  easy-to-read lettering.


Sidewalk signs and a-framesSidewalk signs are made to be placed outdoors in the vicinity of a business to announce business presence to foot traffic.  They need to be able to withstand mild winds while standing tall enough to avoid becoming a tripping hazard.

All of our sidewalk signs come with replaceable graphics that allow long term re-use of the signs.  Here are our most popular options:

Replacement graphics: We can print replacement graphics to fit the proper dimensions of your existing a-frame sign(s).

A-Frame (or “sandwich-board”) sign: Prefect for quick setup and simple storage, A-Frames are light enough to be carried in and out each day, while their sloped face resists wind conditions to stay put.

Weighted sidewalk sign: Where heavier wind is a concern, our weighted sidewalk signs have a plastic base that can be filled with water or sand to prevent movement in even the toughest outdoor conditions.  Additionally, they can be tilted onto their convenient wheels to roll them to their intended display position (or to bring them in at the end of the day).