Outdoor prints should be bright and durable.  We sell a range of big-printed products that will emphasize and enhance your business image.  Whether you manage a car lot, or work from home, we can work with you to deliver printed products made for a broad range of weather conditions.  Have a look at the products here and give us a call if you have any pre-purchase questions. 


Sample image of awnings and canopies with text summary

Canopies and awnings make business-parks and wide-open sales areas more welcoming and result in customers who stop and linger.  They provide shelter during rainstorms and shade in the sun.  And coupled with big prints, awnings and canopies extend your brand beyond the front door.  We know what it takes to combine quality materials with appropriate print techniques.  Here is brief overview of the products and services we offer:

Printed / branded awnings: Unlike canopies, awnings are attached to a building or otherwise permanent structure. They make entries more inviting and draw foot traffic to the front door.  Placing your logo, business name, and address number on the awning space in front of a shop are excellent ways to help customers locate your business from a distance.  

Canopies: While they can also be printed or branded, canopies are not attached to buildings— they are erected on pole-structures to provide "remote" shading beyond the primary business area.  Commonly utilized on car lots across California and the United States, canopies are proven to extend visit times and increase foot traffic.  We use several modern printing methods to decorate and brand canopies, from direct printing to post-installation vinyl application.  

Awning / canopy replacement, repair or refresh: Our partnership with the largest outdoor fabric supplier in the US means that we can match your current look for replacement or repair.  Maintenance can save cost by keeping small rips and punctures from growing beyond manageability.  


Sample image of sidewalk a-frame sign with text summary

Our sidewalk signs are heavy enough to saty put in moderately windy conditions, and light enough to be easily set-up at the start of each business day (and brought back inside for storage  at closing time).  While precautions should always be taken, we only sell sidewalk signs that stand tall enough to be read and noticed, while standing on a footprint that minimizes obstruction and tripping hazards.  We put a lot of thought into the free-standing sidewalk signs that we stock so you don't have to.  Here is what we provide:

A-Frame signs: A-frames, or "sandwich boards" are one of our most popular items for very good reason— they are a great way to attract foot traffic with minimal cost.  The graphic inserts are quickly interchangeable with little effort, and they last for a long time.  We can help you choose a proper A-frame for your location and provide design and setup services prior to printing the inserts.


Sample image of sign shaker arrow sign with text summary

"Shaker" signs come in a few varieties, with one, common purpose: attract automobile traffic.  Sign holders  give them motion and personality that drivers in traffic love to stare at.  We supply a few differend kinds of these signs to pizza shops, tax arencies, and grocery stores.  Here are the variations:

Hand-held arrow "shaker" signs: We construct these signs from thick, corrugated plastic boards that are lightweight and sturdy.  Bright full-color printing is then added to the front (and sometimes the "back" for an alternate message) with convenient metal handles that will last many years.  

Human billboards: These are very large "picket" signs— attached to sticks and used by a person standing near traffic.  Similar to the shaker signs, human billboards are printed onto large rectangular pieces of corrugated plastic, but they differ by being affixed to wooden sticks that allow one end to rest on the ground while the user swivels and tilts them to face the road.  They are most effective for announcing important events like blow-out, clearance sales, or grand openings.  

Picket signs: These signs are great for trade shows, political campaigns, and coordinated events where a group desires to be publicly recognized.  We apply full color prints to lightweight plastic boards meant to be affixed to wooden handles.  


Sample image of outdoor banner with text summary

Banners are the lifeblood to modern-day, promotional campaigns.  They are the best cost-per-square-foot signage available to date.  And we like to think we do banners best.  Here are the most popular outdoor banners thast we currently print:

Short-term outdoor banners: These banners are printed on 8 and 10oz. bright white banner material.  They last about a year before giving in to harsh weather conditions.  Prints on these banners outlast the banner material itself.

Long-term outdoor banners: These banners are printed onto thicker material which keeps them strong for up to three years.  Heavier weight also keeps the hanging grommets from ripping when pushed and pulled by strong winds.  

Mesh (construction site) perimeter banners: Very large outdoor banners need to allow wind to pass through to avoid exerting too much force on the structures they are affixed to.  This is why mesh banners are the standard solution for large outdoor printing.  They are a great way to obstruct incomplete and on-going construction projects that might deter some pedestrian traffic.  Mesh banners are also commonly used for advertising on the outer surfaces of buildings and shopping malls.


Sample image of a poster hanging on a wall with summary text

We print low and high-volume outdoor poster orders.  Our standard poster paper allows fast digital printing of bright colors that are perfect for awareness campaigns on college campuses, city streets, and other highly populated areas.  

Standard outdoor posters: All of our outdoor posters are made for un-covered display of up to 3 months and covered (weather-resistant) display of up to 1 year.

Laminated outdoor posters: Promotional campaigns that require longer life-span will need a laminated coating to protect against moisture.  These posters will last roughly twice as long as un-laminated posters exhibited outdoors.  


Sample image of a lawn sign with text summary

Our lawn signs are printed on corrugated plastic boards that withstand rain and heavy sunlight. These signs are great for political campaigns, real estate purposes, and general marketing.    

In addition to printing, we can assist with artwork setup and creation, if needed.  Our designers provide fast turn-around of print-ready artwork for customers who need to get their message out fast.  Give us a call today to discuss volume and deadlines.



Sample image of outdoor flag with text summary

Flags are fast becoming the "wow" product of this day and age, used by outdoor marketers and businesses everywhere to dazzle and attract attention.  Digital and dye sublimation printing allow bright gradients and arrays of color that cannot be produced quickly with traditional screen-printing.   Several outdoor flag options are available:

Standard grommetted flagpole flags (single-sided): These flags are printed with dye sublimation which allow the bright colors to show "reversed" on the back side of the flag.  Thes flags work great for displaying a class, group, or organizational identity on a wall or standard flagpole.  Graphic design assistance is available for customers who need help preparing print-ready artwork.

Standard grommetted flagpole flags (double-sided):  Since the dye sublimation printing process results in a "reversed" back-side print, these double-sided flags are printed as "two" flags, then stitched together as one, with a "separation" layer between the two for concealing visibility of the opposite side which might otherwise show through.

Light-pole flags: These flags use additional pole-brackets for display on light ploes. They can be seen on car lots and city streets around California and the U.S.  "Pole-pocket" hemming allows slip-on display by a professional installation technician.

Vertical flag banners: Available in "teardrop", "feather" and rectangular shapes, these banners come with ground stakes or weighted floor stands dependig on the intended display.


Sample image of orange and black hand-held retractable fan banners with text summary

This is our most popular, new, outdoor event-signage.  Hand-held retractable fan banners are  perfect for high-schools, college events, political gatherings and anywhere else where a quick message ("Go Tigers!") might come in handy.  

Single-sided hand held retractable fan banners: Printed with one, two or three colors— or in full photographic color.

Double-sided hand held retractable fan banners: Same as above, with an additional reverse-side print.  Both options available with or without suction cups for car-window display.


Sample image of printed window graphics with text summary

Our window graphics can be translucent or opaque, depending on their intended purpose.  All of our window graphics use high quality vinyl made for longevity on vertical glass surfaces.  Available options include:

Micro perforated ("50 / 50") vinyl window graphics: These window graphics keep the sun out while allowing flawless, unobstructed views from inside.  50% of the material surface is printed with vibrant images, while 50% is "perforated" allowing the visibility properties described above.

Opaque window graphics: This option uses appropriate outdoor vinyl that blocks light from entering.  It also obstructs outward visibility, making this a perfect option for businesses in need of privacy while moving into a new retail space.

Window graphic lamination: Long-term window graphic displays require additional protection from sunlight.  Our window-graphic lamination extends the lifespan of these vibrant prints when installed properly.