These fundraisers provide all of the "materials" you are likely to need for organizing and deploying a fundraising event that will wow supporters and generate terrific returns.  We know you want to do the most with limited resources, and we'd like to help.  We think you will find our fundraising programs to be effective, appealing, and unique ways to stand up, stand out, and rake in some serious cash!  Our team is ready to help yours make money, while you make a long-lasting impression.  

The best fundraisers are not only about money.  The best fundraisers keep participants excited, they reward supporters, and they extend the awareness of your group in meaningful ways.  Chocolate chip cookies are great until they are gone.  But printed promotional products remain in circulation for long after the effort has been expended.  (Plus, they have less calories than bake sales.)

Our savvy customers contact us daily with ideas they have to use our printed products to raise money for their schools, teams, and business organizations.  And we've spent a few years listening to feedback and success stories.  So we are very confident that these "winning" options will help you generate the funds you need to help your group have an eventful and memorable year.  

Rally-Towel Car Wash Fundraiser

This "new twist" on a classic fundraiser helps boost pre-wash day ticket sales by rewarding early supporters with an awesome Rally Towel (that just so happens to double as a detailing cloth, for the avid car enthusiasts).  The Rally Towel helps your group in three important ways:

  1. It makes sales easy and fun.  Can't show up on the day of the wash?  No problem, your donation earns a Rally Towel with a printed logo that will make them a true fan of your group.  (And they can use it in their own driveway.)  Additionally, the rally towel is your "rain or shine insurance" that each dollar collected on behalf of your group has been rewarded appropriately.
  2. It makes a lasting impression.  The cars your group washes will get dirty again, quickly.  But the Rally Towel is an inexpensive way to be remembered for a long time by community members that are so very important for their support and good will.  Rally Towels are forever.  Well, sort of.  And any left-over Towels can be sold for on-going revenues, or used for future events.  
  3. It generates higher returns.  For the cost per Towel, you will be able to increase the pre-sale ticket price beyond the price of a simple "soak and scrub" service.  Product sales increase returns.  And it will increase the number of people who are willing to open their wallets— and their hearts— to supporting your group.

The Rally Towel Car Wash Fundraising Kit comes with customizable rally towels, pre-designed pre-sale tickets, and a "Tactics and Suggestions" sheet for deploying a successful, profitable event.

Hand-Held Roll-Up Banner Fundraiser

Our customers have been using the low-cost and high margin potential of our Hand-Held Retractable Fan Banners to generate money (and rally unity) for a long time now.  Here's how we can help you make money with this fundraising option:
  1. We reduce the cost per piece on large orders, and pass the profits to your hardworking team.  These banners sell great at events and games, especially when a Spirit or Cheer Team displays them to the crowd.  Roll-up Banners help the most timid fans make noise!
  2. Each "fundraising order" now comes with an Advertising Leaflet, to be distributed among supporters and likely buyers.  These attractive advertisements can be returned with payment to complete "proxy sales" that will reach an audience far beyond the walls of your school or organization.  Post them on walls to announce the availability of your customized Hand-Held Scroll Banners, or send them home with team members to be seen by friends and family.  Awareness is often the only thing that separates supporters from providing the support.  (And who can resist the cool-factor of these banners?)

Our Hand Held Roll Up Banner Fundraiser Kit comes with customized banners and accompanying advertising sales sheet.  This product is a "best seller" for a good reason: people love it.


Crazy Sock Walk-A-Thon Fundraiser

Can you think of a better way to rally excitement and enthusiasm around one of the most popular school fundraisers of all time?  Roll up your pant-legs and put on your shorts, because our crazy socks will get your gang walking fast and far to generate funds.  Choose from our most popular styles of fun printed socks.  Here is why this fundraising option works well:

  1. It is time-tested to guarantee great returns.  Bank on this option to ensure high participation and pledges.  Walking is a healthy, safe way to rally and engage your group while earning money.
  2. Colorful, crazy socks put a new twist on the traditional walk-a-thon.  Sure, t-shirts a a great way to display group identity.  But photos of hundreds of pairs of neon socks will look great on your website and monthly newsletter.

The Crazy Sock Walk-A-Thon Kit comes with one event banner, a pair of logo-printed crazy socks for each participant and high-level supporter, plus pledge and information sheets.

Rubber Wristband "for a Cause" Fundraiser

Wristbands are a preferred way to display support and solidarity.  Since being popularized by Lance Armstrong's Livestrong charity, wristbands have continued to generate awareness for movements around the united states.  We can print or emboss your colored wristbands with logos, messages, or images to collectively identify your group.  

This fundraising option is a straightforward "announce and sell" option.  Since it is not specific to a single event (like the Crazy Sock Walk-A-Thon, or the Rally Towel Car Wash) it can continue to generate funds for as long as there remains inventory to sell.

The Rubber Wristband "for a Cause" Fundraiser Kit comes with one announcement banner, your custom printed wristbands, and an info sheet with sales ideas and suggestions.

"Funglasses" Printed-Sunglasses Fundraiser

This fundraiser will generate smiles— and funds— until it hurts.  Our printed "funglasses" put your logo or message right over the lenses of our most popular styles of sunglasses.  The perforated, printed images block sunlight and allow plenty of visibility for showing off the cool shades. Use our easy form to collect pre-sales, or simply order your customized shades for sale when they arrive.

Each Funglasses Printed-Sunglasses Fundraiser comes with your order of custom printed funglasses, one cool announcement banner, and an info sheet containing suggested pricing, marketing, and sales.  The printing options are only limited to your imagination.  And funglasses will "sell themselves" once your audience sees them.