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High quality, vibrant t-shirts for customizationT-shirts are a great way to make a statement at informal gatherings and events.  There are a few things you should keep in mind to get the most for your money.  

First, regardless of brand, 100% cotton tees are the highest quality shirts money can buy.  They tend to feel softer and "wear" better over time.  

Second, if you would like to save a few cents per tee, choose a 50% cotton, 50% polyester tee.  A few brands make blended-fiber shirts that come close to the quality of 100% cotton— we would be happy to recommend our favorites.  

Third, regardless of quality, white tees are the cheapest because the white fibers used to make them do not need to be dyed.  This is also why very dark, and black, t-shirts cost the most.  

Finally, there are several techniques for printing t-shirts (and all of the apparel products listed here, for that matter).  Screen-printing (or "silkscreening") requires a lot of "set-up" work, and is better for large quantities since the cost to produce them decreases as the number produced increases.  Smaller quantities should be digitally printed for the best cost/quality results.  Unless a specific technique is requested, Banners and Big Prints will estimate a price and produce your tees with the most appropriate technique.


Printable hoodies, zipper hoodies, and standard sweatshirtsSame as with t-shirts, sweatshirt color, percentage of cotton, and printing technique will affect the estimated price.  Additionally, sizes greater than an adult X-Large, will  cost more per piece.  

We carry several brands of each of our most popular sweatshirt styles:

Hooded Sweatshirts: Sometimes called a "hoodie" or "hooded-pullover", this sweatshirt is available in 100% cotton, or less expensive 50% cotton / 50% polyester, and many color selections to suit your need.  These sweatshirts have a large, printable area directly above a joined-pocket.  Because of the print options, this is the most popular sweatshirt style for customizing.

Zipper-hoodies: Or "zip-ups" are similar to hooded sweatshirts, except a zipper running through the front of the sweatshirt provides easy-on / easy-off wearing options— and it divides the front, printable area into two printable "sides".  The zipper must be considered with any design meant to appear continuous, but works nicely with logos, names, and smaller graphics intended to be printed off to one side.

Standard Sweatshirts: This is a "hoodie-with-no-hood".  Standard sweatshirts are simple, long-sleeved sweatshirts that do not have zippers or hoods.  They are a great option for wearing collared work shirts underneath, and tend to be favored for this reason.  


Personalize polos or a wide selection of work shirtsWe offer far more styles, colors, and fabric types than we can ist here.  Our selection is extended by the largest work apparel manufacturer and supplier in the United States.  Here are a few of our most desired polos and work shirts:

Standard Short (or long)-sleeved Button Polos: This shirt comes in a viriety of fabrics and colors, but all of our standard polos are  made with stain-resistant, work ready fabrics with collars and buttons for a professional look. 

High-Performance, Short-sleeved Button Polos: Our performance polos are made with advanced fabrics that wick moisture, offer added stretch and flexibility, and look incredible.  These polos are perfect for coaches, delivery personnel, and other "active" workers who need to perform well and look great during the work-day.  In addition to our lesser known brands, we carry performance polos from Nike, Oigo, and several other well-known manufacturers.

Button-down Work Shirts: Available in long and short sleeves, these woven shirts are perfect in and around the office.  We can help you select from a range of fabrics that will suit your need and fit your budget.


Customizable sports jerseysTeams need to look their best in order to play their best.  We offer a range of jerseys and customization options that will look amazing, last throughout the season, and cost less than a lot of overpriced solutions.  We take pride in our superior quality and affordable options.  

Our full-color printing options allow us to embelesh performance fabrics with logos, names and numbers that need to stretch and flex without loss of quality.  Give us a call for detailed estimates or answers to your jersey and sports apparel-printing questions.  


Printable jackets, fleece, and outerwearDue to water-resistant and high performance fabrics with added insulation requirements, quality outerwear can be expensive.  We can help you select from a wide range of quality coats and outerwear that look great and are affordable enough to embelish with logos, names or artwork without breaking the bank.  Here are just a few recommended options:

Jogging Jackets: Ultra lightweight and breathable, these performance jackets are made to wick moisture away from the body, while protecting from external rain and moisture. We carry a wide range of colors and styles from several top manufacturers.

Camping / Outdoors Jackets: Thicker than our jogging jackets, these coats are built to lock warmth in, and protect you from the elements.  Draw strings and extra pockets increase their function and versatility.  They have printable areas on the chest, sleeves and shoulders that looks great with an added monogram or logo.

Professional Worksite Jackets: Warm and versatile, these coats are made with collars rather than hoods, and come in a wide-range of workplace-friendly styles and colors.  These jackets are perfect to keep workers warm and looking great.  

Fleece Zips and Pullovers: This garment style offers warmth and protection in the office and out among the elements.  Choose from vest and long sleve options that can be customized to your liking.

Athletic Jackets and Pullovers: These jackets are made for performance, functionality and durability.  Several options come with optional, matching pants as part of a complete warm-up set for teams and squads.  We offer customizations on far too many styles to list, so peruse our online catalog or give us a call to start your order.


Printable hats, beanies and other headgearWe sell customizable hats to match any color or occasion.  We have options for sports, work, leisure or fashion.  You can select from the following styles:

Caps: When choosing a cap to be printed or customized, you will need to decide whether you would like them to be adjustable or stretch-fitted.   Adjustable caps have velcro, clasps, or another means of fitting one cap to all head-sizes.  And stretch-fitted (or "flex-fit") caps come in small, medium and large sizes, which then stretch to conform to the wearer.

Visors: Great for the beach or an 80's-themed party.  We can print a logo or message to suit your preference.

Brimmed Hats: These hats offer the best protection from the sun.  "Outback", "safari" and "fishing" styles can be monogrammed as gifts or bulk orders.  

Knit Hats / Beanies: Our beanies are perfect for places where snow and freezing winter winds are common.  Great as gifts for others or yourself, this one-size-fits-all headgear will keep the warmth in while matching your uniform or outfit.  Call us for assistance.


Custom t-shirts and clothes for infants, toddlers, babies, and kids.We have lots of cool styles for the little ones.  And adding your custom artwork is a perfect way to say "I love you".  Here are our available options:

T-shirts for Infants or Toddlers: Yes, we carry sizes to fit both.  And a range of colors means you can give the perfect customized gift. We can assist with artwork and pre-print layouts.

1-pieces for Infants: Available in pink, blue, yellow or white, these 100% cotton "onesies" will pamper that delicate newborn.

Infant Bibs: Made with a loop enclosure for quick and easy on/off, these bibs can be customized with any message or image.  Call for assistance.